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What Is The Working Principle Of Car Remote Key?

Feb. 11, 2019

The remote control receiving part of the Buick Remote Control Smart Key is composed of a receiving antenna, a frequency selection loop, a high frequency amplification, a super re-up circuit, and a pulse signal amplification shaping circuit. The function of the car remote burglar alarm is to select, amplify, demodulate the high frequency carrier signal sent by the remote controller, and output a pulse width data signal that meets the requirements of the decoding circuit. Since this part of the circuit is the foremost end of the control signal entry, the manufacturer has made the part of the circuit separately on a small circuit board in order to facilitate the matching with different models (types), and people used to call it the receiving head. The power supply voltage of the remote control is +5V, which is obtained directly from the anti-theft device +5V. The working frequency is about 256~360MHz, and most of the receiving heads work at 315~318MHz.

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