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Which Car Lock Is The Safest?

Apr. 30, 2019

There are many anti-theft products on the market. Due to the different anti-theft technology and quality, the anti-theft effect is quite different. For the owners of economic strength, it is a good choice to choose an electronic anti-theft device. If you are afraid of not being safe, then use a combination of mechanical and electronic anti-theft devices, which means that you have double insurance; For better friends, the effect of choosing a GPS anti-theft device is also very good, and it is more secure. As a Radio Car Remote Control Key Factory, let us introduce it to you.

What is an electronic alarm? To put it simply, the engine is controlled by the driving computer, and only the car with the correct chip (the chip and the engine's anti-theft code one-to-one correspondence) can start the car. If someone else steals the key, the key can only open the mechanical lock of the door into the car. Once the car is started, the driving computer will lock the engine and the car cannot be started to achieve the purpose of theft prevention.

Audi Smart Remote Key

The GPS anti-theft device is the most advanced anti-theft device. In addition to the ordinary anti-theft, it can also quickly track the car position when the car is stolen, thus finding the car. However, the price of the GPS anti-theft device is more expensive than the ordinary anti-theft alarm. The GPS receiver device installed on the vehicle calculates the current position of the vehicle based on the received satellite information, and the communication controller extracts the required position, speed and time information from the signal output by the GPS receiver, and combines information such as vehicle identity to form The data packet is then sent to the monitoring center via the mobile operator's GPRS network. The server of the monitoring center receives the data sent by the in-vehicle device, and extracts the positioning information therefrom, and displays it on the electronic map of the monitoring center according to the vehicle number and the group number of each vehicle. The GPS positioning anti-theft function is even stronger, and it integrates almost all the anti-theft functions, and can be accurately positioned in the range of 5 meters with the satellite, which is the front. Its sensors are wirelessly sensitive and hard to break.

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