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Why Does The Car Remote Control Smart Key Have Power But Cannot Be Used ?

Mar. 08, 2019

I believe that many car owners have used the car's remote control keys for a long time. They all notice that the remote control is gradually not sensitive enough. It was thought that the battery was dead, but after replacing the battery, it is still the same, then let's talk about the flip key with Buick Remote Control Flip Key. Talk about why the car key remote control has electricity but cannot be used.

The Buick Remote Control Smart Key has been in use for a long time. Due to the problem of sealing, the internals will be more or less exposed to moisture or dirt and oxidation, and the buttons will become insensitive. In this case, the key housing needs to be disassembled. After removing the battery, use a cotton swab that has been adsorbed with alcohol to wipe the button base on the internal circuit board of the key. After cleaning, the test is normal.

One of the reasons for the failure of the car remote control is that the board is not in good contact. This situation requires soldering. However, since the soldering feet are very small and most of the owners have no tools, it is recommended to take the finishing electrical or repair the mobile phone. The place is processed.

Generally, the car remote control key matching needs to be the code, that is, the original car key has a "code", and there is a corresponding "code" in the car, then the new key must match the code to remotely open, close the door, and remotely open and close. The trunk. However, because the new key does not have a chip, it is necessary to remove the chip from the old key and attach it to the new remote control key, so that the full function can be realized.

Now there is a relatively simple self-learning remote control key on the Internet. It has a learning function, automatic code matching, direct use, no coding.

In daily use, some of our behaviors can easily damage the car key remote control, which is a drop at high altitude. Because the impact resistance of the internal wiring of the key is actually weak, it is easy to be damaged in the event of a severe collision. There is also a case where the key is flooded, and if the water seeps into the internal burnout circuit, it will also cause the remote control to malfunction.

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