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How Does The Car Folded Key Match The Car?

Dec. 12, 2018

Matching 4 Buttons Car Folded Key requires knowing your remote key frequency and chip type. Then make the following matches to the car remote:

1. Connect the troubleshooter.

2. Turn on the ignition switch.

3. Use the diagnostic tool to clear the current identification code.

4. Send programming information to the anti-theft control module.

5. When the button on the transmitter is pressed, the remote transmitter generates a remote control identification code and a data code and sends it to the remote control module, and then the control module feeds back TECH2 the first set of identification codes are memorized.

6 Repeat step 5 until all passwords are recognized.

7. Turn off the ignition switch. When the TECH2 or anti-theft module is disconnected to memorize the five sets of identification codes, the anti-theft module automatically exits the programming mode and switches to the normal mode.

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