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You Don't Know These Features Of The Audi Smart Remote Car Key

Mar. 02, 2019

It is well known that the most commonly used functions of the Audi smart remote car key are basically remote unlocking, unlocking, and remotely opening the trunk. So today we will talk about some hidden features of the Audi car key with the A4231G Audi Smart Remote Control Key.

1. Smart Key / Comfort Key This high-level key has a keyless entry function (that is, you can open the door directly without having to take out the key). Of course, you don't need to take out the key to lock the car, you can slide it on the sensing area of the door handle.

2. There is also a key memory function that everyone is familiar with, and many of the functions of personalization of vehicles are remembered.

3. The Audi Smart Remote Car Key can also open the trunk without a key, that is, the key belt on the body or the bag, and directly pull the trunk cover by hand, it can be opened directly. Of course, if you check the "Disable Luggage Cover Handle" option in the MMI settings, this feature will be disabled.

3. The smart/comfort key also has an inductive trunk opening function. In the direction of the body, the foot kicks in the direction of the car, retracts, and the trunk can be opened.

If the smart/comfort key is left in the car, the vehicle cannot be locked (for example, using the sensor on the door, the vehicle is unlocked and there is no lock; if left in the trunk, the vehicle is backed up The box will be automatically bounced off when it is closed)

3 button Audi remote control flip key for A4 231G