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Three Common Solutions Of Remote Control Flip Key

Sep. 28, 2018

While the car remote control brings convenience to people, sometimes there are some minor problems. Here are some common problems and solutions for the 3 Button Remote Control Flip Key.

1. 3 button remote control flip key does not respond.

If the remote control indicator light is not bright or very dark when the button is pressed, the remote control battery may be low; if the remote control indicator is still off after replacing the battery, check whether the positive and negative polarity of the battery is reversed and the battery and installation If the above check is not good, but the remote indicator is still not lit, you should check if the button is damaged. If some buttons are pressed, some buttons will not respond, it is likely to be a button. Damaged, or the remote control is damaged.

2. 3 button remote control flip key can not control the door.

First of all, please confirm whether there is any problem with the remote control as mentioned above. If there is no problem with the remote control and this situation occurs after replacing the battery or anti-theft system components, then the remote control should be matched according to the fixed procedure. All models need to be matched. Different models have different regulations. If there are two remote controls, you can test whether the other remote responds. If another remote responds, it may be the password of the remote. Lost, need to be re-matched; if the remote control still cannot be used, it may receive a problem with the host or there is a problem with the transmitting antenna of this remote controller; if the remote control host is shielded or there is a strong interference source nearby, the host cannot be correct. The ground receives the electromagnetic wave from the remote controller and cannot control the central locking operation. 

3. 3 button remote control flip key Effective distance is very close.

If the problem occurs after the remote control has been used for a while, it may be that the battery is low; if it is sometimes too close, it may be the effect of the surrounding environment; if the remote control host is blocked or interfered, this will also occur. For example, the explosion-proof membrane attached to the vehicle has a shielding effect on the remote control main unit, and some electric equipment in the vehicle has a disturbance effect.

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