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What Are The Precautions For Copying The Car Remote Key?

Feb. 26, 2019

1. Select the necessary conditions for the 3 Button Remote Smart Key: the original remote control function is normal, the chip is compatible, and the frequency is correct.

2. This program's copy remote control can only copy fixed code, learning code chip and some remote control of rolling code.

3. The Car Original Remote Control Key , the two-way remote control, the remote control of the IC program encryption cannot be copied.

4. Before copying the remote control, make sure the existing code of the remote control has been cleared. Otherwise, copying is not possible.

5. To avoid interference during operation. For copying away from all electronic signals, such as mobile phones, transmission products such as wireless cats. Make sure your Car Remote Key has enough power, and the closer the two remotes are to each other, the better! When you press and hold the button on the original remote control, you need to send the signal completely, then press the button on the remote control to ensure that the function is completely copied.

Mitsubishi 3 button remote smart key 433Mhz