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Five Solutions For Not Stopping The Garage Door While It Is Running

Oct. 26, 2018

When the garage door is running, it cannot be stopped. The main reason is that the motor generates a lot of strong electromagnetic waves when it is running, which interferes with the power supply of the receiving part of the circuit. A large amount of clutter is generated on the power supply, so that the remote control distance becomes very close. Adding magnetic beads, magnetic rings, inductors, etc. to the power supply and ground of the receiving circuit and the main control circuit, and adding filter components such as filter capacitors.

2. If the receiving circuit and the main control circuit can be shielded, it will have a good effect.

3. The installation position of the receiving board and the main control board should be farther away from the motor.

4. Install filtering and pulse components on the two poles of the motor to shield the motor as much as possible.

 5. Pull out the receiving antenna with the shielded cable and place it somewhere far away from the motor, which will increase the remote control distance.

These measures can help increase the stopping distance of the remote control, but in general, the remote control distance is closer than the remote control distance.

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