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Manual Matching Steps For Nissan3 Button Remote Smart Key

Oct. 12, 2018

Manual matching steps for Nissan 3 Button Remote Smart Key:

1. Close and lock all doors. Note: Press the central control switch to lock the door.

2. Insert and remove the ignition key more than 6 times in 10 seconds (do not turn on the ignition), and keep it in the ignition switch for the sixth time. At this time, the danger warning light will flash twice.

3. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position. Press any button on the remote control.

4. At this point, the hazard warning light will flash 2 times, indicating that the remote control is set successfully.

5. If you want to set other remote controllers, press the side door control lock switch, turn on/off each time, and then press any button of the remote control. At this time, the danger warning light will flash twice, indicating that the setting is successful.

6. Repeat step 5 to set up to 4 remote controls.

7. Open the driver's door and end programming.

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