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What Is The Working Principle Of The Infrared Car Remote Control Key?

Nov. 07, 2018

Car anti-theft system remote control carrier, referred to as Car Remote Control Key. The remote control is commonly used in infrared and radio waves. The driver can choose the infrared or radio remote control system according to the distance between the vehicle and the remote control car.

Infrared rays are invisible and therefore have little impact on the environment. Since the wavelength of the infrared light is smaller than the wavelength of the radio wave, the infrared remote control does not interfere with adjacent radios and other electrical appliances. The advantages of the infrared remote control are simple production, low cost, strong anti-interference ability and reliable operation. It is the preferred mode of the remote control remote control car; the disadvantage is that the remote control distance has no radio wavelength, and the remote control cannot pass through the obstruction around the car, and the remote control distance is generally Between a few meters to tens of meters. Infrared remote control If only one code is used to remotely control the car, then one remote control can open the doors of all the cars of the same model. Therefore, the infrared remote control used in the car anti-theft system is completely different from that used for household appliances. It must be different. Using coding technology, each car is stabilized and opened with its own password.

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