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Don't Put Smart Keys And Electronic Devices Together

Mar. 26, 2019

Now the owner likes to put the key in his pocket. When the car is close to the car, the door lock will open automatically. When entering the car, just press the start button (or knob) and the car will start to fire. As a Hyundai Remote Smart Key Factory, we have the following suggestions for everyone:

1. Don't put it with the electronic device

 Since the smart key uses low-intensity radio waves, it may not work properly in the presence of magnetic interference. Frequently putting the smart car key and the mobile phone together will inevitably lead to the failure of the smart car key, because the chip in the smart key sometimes interferes with the frequency of the mobile phone, which may cause the remote control function of the key to temporarily fail. In addition, if the smart key receives high-intensity radio waves, it may excessively consume battery power. Therefore, do not place the smart key near an electronic device, such as a TV or a personal computer.

2. Don't throw away

For the smart key, taking the BMW CAS4 FEM Smart Key as an example, the most fearful thing is to fall to the ground from high altitude. Because although most smart key cases are relatively strong, the internal line impact resistance is weak, and it is easily damaged in the event of a severe collision. In addition, the smart car key will burn out the internal line after entering the water, which will also cause the remote control to malfunction. So once you encounter the smart car key in the water, don't hold the key hard, so that it is the easiest to let the water flow to other important lines, and do not immediately unlock it with the remote control, as this may cause the board to burn out. The correct way is to open the car key case flat, blow it dry with a hair dryer, and then send it to the repair shop for inspection. Also note that the smart key cannot be exposed to high temperature direct exposure, such as an instrument panel or hood.

The above is Zhaoyuan's little common sense about car keys, I hope to help everyone.

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