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What Should The Future Smart Car Look Like?

Nov. 28, 2018

First of all, you should understand what is a smart car; Shen Haijun believes: Now we are talking about the Internet of Vehicles, remote control, etc. In a strict sense, these functions are not the functional definition of smart cars, it should be regarded as - network car.

However, the smart car is not only the same as the Internet. It needs to make the car's intelligent system truly become the brain of the car at the architectural level of the system. It can make the car's intelligent system truly open all the sensors in the car and build up the car. An executive agency that allows the car to truly become a platform for intelligent terminals.

In this way, users can continue to bring new experiences and services through software upgrades. Such a car is a true smart car.

In a word, it can grow, it can be expanded, and there is no limit to function!

Before implementing the ideal state of such a future smart car, the effort required is not less than the challenge of building a suitable, qualified, and user-friendly car.

The Internet car is actually derived from the understanding of the basic needs of users, from which level to pay attention to the needs of users, and then consider how to understand and meet the needs of users.

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