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How Long Does The Car Key Battery Last?

Apr. 03, 2019

As a 3 Buttons Remote Folding Key Supplier, let's take a 3BTN Mazda Smart Key as an example to talk about the life of the car key battery.

The life of the general remote key battery is 2-3 years. Depending on the number of uses, there are differences between different models. It is difficult to determine the specific replacement time.

3BTN Mazda Smart Key is not in a hurry and don't worry. Generally, there are spare mechanical keys in the remote control key, and some press the button to pop up automatically.

However, the keyholes of many models are now hidden. You need to use the key to gently open the protective cover to find it, or pull the handle open.

Some models can be released and fired by pressing the ignition switch on the back of the key.

This is because the 3BTN Mazda Smart Key has a hidden induction coil that signals the vehicle key information. This feature will still work when the remote control key is dead.

3BTN Mazda Smart Key