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Integrity Management, Creating A Good Business Environment

Apr. 17, 2019

Recently, the Mercedes-Benz oil spill has caused widespread public concern. At present, the incident is still under investigation, and the quality of the vehicles involved is still inconclusive. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz and related stores and customers have not yet reached a final solution. It is not appropriate for us to comment too much about the incident. However, the thinking triggered by this incident should not be limited to the case-by-case concern, but let us explore from three dimensions in a rational and constructive manner, how to build a better market environment, consumption environment, and camp. Business environment. As a Hyundai Remote Smart Key Factory, let's analyze it.

First of all, a good market environment is inseparable from the integrity of the market entities and the operation according to law. In such a market, the mutual trust between the two parties is high, the transaction costs are low, and the market relationship will be harmonious and sustainable.

Secondly, the quality of the consumer environment is mainly based on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, such as the right to purchase qualified quality products, the right to comprehensively and accurately understand product and service information, etc., whether it is respected and guaranteed. In addition, it depends on whether the cost of consumer consumer rights protection is too high and the difficulty is not too large. Only when consumer rights are fully protected can people be assured of consumption and promote market prosperity.

Once again, the good experience and after-sales service of consumers is an important part of the business environment. Creating a good business environment requires the joint efforts of government agencies and businesses, so that the demands of enterprises, investors and consumers can be handled fairly, fairly and efficiently according to law, and market justice can be fully and timely.

We certainly cannot use the case of the Mercedes-Benz oil spill as the basis for judging the environmental analysis of these three aspects, but this incident is indeed closely related to the environment of these three aspects, and it is also the incision we observe and think. Regardless of how the incident is ultimately handled, it can alert us that we must work hard from these three dimensions to better develop the market environment, the consumption environment, and the business environment, so that the concept of honest economy and the rule of law economy will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. And better embodied and highlighted in reality.

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