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Four Tips For Using Car Remote Key

Jan. 19, 2019

Four tips for using Car Remote Key:

1. When the vehicle is locked when the car keys near the door one meter, hand car door handle to open the door;

2. When the vehicle is locked, the trunk of the car key is in position, you can manually open the tailgate; Press the unlock button again (and hold), you can open all the windows; Press the lock key again (and held ), close all windows, skylights and includes;

3. When the key is no electricity, the car keys by pressing the start button, while depressing the brake pedal, start the engine;

When the key no electricity, only open / lock the driver's door by mechanical key;

4. Lock the car, by pressing the lock button on the door handle of the vehicle locked, prohibited holding the door handle while pressing the lock button; former lock your car, make sure that no other door remote control key.

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