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What Is The Circuit Diagram Of The Car Remote Key?

Dec. 19, 2018

The wireless remote control function of the central control lock means that the key can be opened and locked at a long distance without inserting the key key into the lock hole. The biggest advantage is that no matter the day and night, no need to find the lock hole, the unlocking can be performed remotely and conveniently ( Open the door) and lock (lock the door). The basic principle of the Radio car Remote Control key is: a weak electric wave is emitted from the vehicle owner, and the electric wave signal is received by the car antenna, and the signal code is recognized by the electronic controller ECU, and then executed by the actuator (motor or electromagnetic manager) of the system. The action of opening/closing. The system is mainly composed of a transmitter and a receiver. 1. Transmitter The transmitter consists of a transmitting switch, a transmitting antenna (keyboard), and an integrated circuit. It is integrated with the signal transmitting circuit on the keypad. From the identification code storage loop to the FSK modulation loop, which is miniaturized by using a single-chip integrated circuit, a button-type lithium battery is mounted on the opposite side of the circuit. The transmission frequency is selected according to the radio wave in the country of use, and the 27, 40, and 62 MHz bands are generally used. The transmitter switch performs a signal transmission every time the button is pressed. 2. The receiver transmitter uses FM modulation to send an identification code, which is received by the FM antenna of the car, and is demodulated by the FM high-frequency amplification processor of the receiver ECU, and compared with the identification code of the demodulator. If it is the correct code, enter the control circuit and make the actuator work. The door lock remote control system usually consists of a portable transmitter machine and an in-vehicle receiver. The identifiable signal from the transmitter is received and decoded by the receiver, and the door lock is opened or locked. Its main function is to facilitate driving. Lock the door or open the door. The user can protect the car by setting the unlock code of the door lock remote ECU and alarm when the door is opened illegally. At present, most of the systems of the 浒 use radio waves or infrared rays as the transmission medium for the identification signals, and there are two types of key-bearing and integral types. When the medium-modern lock receives the correct code signal, the control wave receiving circuit is triggered until the receiving time is increased by 0.5 s, and then resumes to the standby state. If the input code signal does not match, the receiving circuit will not be triggered. If there are more than 10 code signal inputs in 10 minutes, the lock thinks that someone is trying to steal the car, so stop receiving any signal, including receiving the correct code signal. In this case, the owner must mechanically insert the door with the key. The keyhole can open the door. The recovery of the signal reception, start by the key ignition and turn off the main switch of the remote control door lock system and then open it. If the door is unlocked within 30s after the door is unlocked by the remote control mechanism, the door will be automatically locked. We also have Chrysler Remote Auto Security Key for you. If you want to know more about car remote control, you can contact us at

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