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Four Cases Of Car Remote Control Failure

Sep. 10, 2018

There are four cases of Straight Handle Remote Control Car Key failure:

First, the transmitter of the key is broken and the firing command is incorrect.

Second, the receiver of the car is broken and the door cannot be controlled.

Third, the door lock is broken and cannot be locked at all.

Fourth, the electronics in the key are out of power.

The above problems can be solved by going to the ordinary repair shop.

The car remote control key refers to the wireless remote control function of the central control lock. The owner can open and lock the door at a long distance without inserting the key button into the lock hole. The biggest advantage is that no matter the day and night, no need to find the lock hole, the unlocking (opening) and locking (locking door) can be performed remotely and conveniently. .

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