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What Is The Cause Of The Car Remote Control?

Dec. 10, 2018

First, if the vehicle is not alerted by a trigger (vibration, door, trunk, hood, etc.), it can be determined that the 5 Buttons Car Smart Remote Key is a problem. If there is a problem with the line, the remote control cannot be locked. You lock with the key, the anti-theft device does not enter the alert state, even if there is a trigger, it will not alarm. The anti-theft device has a main insurance, that is, the red color line, the 15A insurance is unplugged, the anti-theft device will not alarm, and the car can start normally. The remote control is broken and you can't fix it yourself. To go to a professional place to repair, you can add a remote control. Finally, it is recommended not to put the car on the roadside or at the intersection, put it in the garage, the New Year, the firecrackers are normal, so in order to prevent the car from being damaged by firecrackers, it is safer to park in the garage as much as possible!

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