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Is A Car With A Smart Car Key Easy To Lose?

Mar. 11, 2019

The car smart key is a common keyless entry system. It consists of a transmitter, a remote base lock control module, three receivers that control the authorization system control module, and a control system consisting of wire harnesses. As a BMW Smart Key Manufacturer, the BMW CAS4 FEM Smart Key is used as an example to talk about the advantages of the car smart key.

A keyless vehicle can be unlocked without taking out the key and touching the sensor or button of the door handle. Like a lock, when you leave the vehicle, the vehicle actively locks and closes the window (some models do not have this function). When starting the vehicle, there is no need to insert the keyhole, just the key in the car, press the brake, press the START button to start the vehicle.

Some car owners worry that a car with a keyless start is easy to be stolen. Is this true or false?

BMW CAS3 5 Series Remote Key

This may be a misunderstanding in our operation. When we mistakenly think that the owner is close to the vehicle, others can open the door at will and enter the car to start the vehicle.

First of all, when the owner approaches the vehicle within about one meter, you need to press the unlock button on the key or on the door handle. It is also said that the owner of the car is standing in the door of the car, and you can't open the door in the position of the assistant. Even if you enter the car, it is necessary for the in-vehicle processor to sense that the key is in the car and the engine can be started. It is impossible for the owner to approach the vehicle, and others can open the door and start driving away.

However, in the use of smart keys, be careful not to throw the keys at random, it is best to take them with you to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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