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What Are The Functions Of The Car Split Remote Control Key?

Sep. 15, 2018

The Car Split Remote Control Key is no longer simply used to unlock the car, but also solves the troubles of some drivers. Some people think that the car split remote control key is just opening the door? If you have this idea, you are wrong. The function of the car key is something you can't think of. So what are the functions of the car split remote control key?

1. Car search function: The car search function is to use the remote control or alarm device. When the button is pressed, the car's speaker will ring, and the double flash lamp will also flash, which is convenient for finding your car quickly in places with more cars.

2, close the car window after the flame: save the trouble of restarting the car, after the flameout, it is found that the window has not closed, generally will restart and then close the window? In fact, such continuous ignition and flameout is also a burden on the engine, which will shorten the life of the engine. This kind of situation can be solved with the remote control key. After getting off the car, press and hold the lock button to remotely close the four windows. This is a very convenient and frequently used function.

3, automatically open the trunk: the car remote control key has a button to open the trunk, if you just shopping in the supermarket, the big bag of things on the hand, long press the trunk unlock button, the trunk will automatically bounce! Many German cars have this feature.

4, remote control driving window: not only can turn off the fire after closing the window, you can also open the window before the fire, this function is very practical in the summer. In the hot sun, the car is hot. If you want to open the window to dissipate heat in advance, you can try it. Press and hold the lock button for a few seconds. Will the four windows open together?

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