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What Should I Do If My Car's Smart Remote Is Lost?

Feb. 28, 2019

The BMW 7 Series 4 Button Smart Key can intelligently turn off the fire, close the window, find the car in the parking lot, automatically open the trunk, remote control and other functions, then what should I do if the BMW 7 Series 4 Button smart key is lost?

1. Find a store with a larger, more technical auto parts store with an anti-theft device.

2. Clean up the original remote control data in time.

3. Go to the 4S shop to replace, but the cost is relatively large.

4. If there is extra remote control, find a small hole on the anti-theft device, press it with a wooden stick and press any button on the remote control to learn. Each remote matching will automatically offset the previous remote control. One host can Accept two remote controls.

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BMW 7 Series 4 Button Smart Key