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The Car Remote Control Does Not Respond, How To Deal With It?

Oct. 17, 2018

The Car Remote Control Key is an important part of the car. While the car remote control is convenient for people, there are sometimes some minor problems. Today I will introduce some common problems and solutions for the Porsche 3 Button Remote Control Key. Then the car remote control does not respond, how to deal with it?

If the remote control indicator light is not bright or very dark when the button is pressed, the remote control battery may be low; if the remote control indicator is still off after replacing the battery, check whether the positive and negative polarity of the battery is reversed and the battery and installation Whether the seat is in good contact. If there is no problem with the above check, but the remote indicator is still not lit, you should check if the button is damaged. If some buttons are pressed, some buttons will not respond, it is likely that the button is damaged, or it is remote. Damaged.

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