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What Are The Symptoms Before The Car Remote Control Is Dead?

Dec. 28, 2018

The Car's Remote Control Key is small, and it doesn't take too much attention when it is taken on the body. It doesn't feel like it will cost more when it is turned on and off, so it won't consider when it will be out of power. The average car remote key battery life is 2-3 years, depending on the model. This time span is very large, so everyone will not count on how long it will take. So what are the signs before the Buick Remote Control Smart Key is dead?

1. The remote control distance becomes shorter, and the original 5 or 6 meters can open the door, but now it must be close to the door to respond;

2. Occasionally, when you open the door, you will lose your mind and press it several times to unlock successfully. These are the symptoms of the remote control key when it is almost out of power.

3. Pay attention to the indicator light on the key. When you press the button, the indicator light is dim than usual, or when it is dark, then you should also be ready to change the battery.

In addition, there is a situation where it may be mistaken for a key to no power:

When you find that the car key is out of order, it is not necessarily the reason why the key is dead, or there may be a source of interference nearby. Because the key uses electromagnetic waves to give an indication signal, if there is strong magnetic field interference around the parking position, it will also affect the use of the Radio car Remote Control Key.

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