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One Of The Common Faults Of The Car Ford Straight Key

Oct. 08, 2018

When the Ford Straight Key button is pressed, the host has no reaction. What should I do?

First check if the Ford straight key is the original Ford straight key. If there are two Ford straight keys to check if the other remote control responds, if another Ford straight key responds, the password of the remote controller may be lost. Press the learn button. New, the LED light flashes, press the same button of the remote control twice; if the LED light flashes quickly, the learning is successful; if the LED light continues to flash slowly, the learning is unsuccessful; if the learning is successful, the remote control is still not possible, indicating the receiving board There is a problem with the output, or there is a big problem with the main control board. If the repeated learning is not successful, the remote control may be damaged. If any remote control cannot be remotely controlled and the learning is not successful, there may be a problem with the receiving board. Board sensitivity and other related circuits. Password loss is less likely, but you can't completely eliminate the lost code. If a host often loses the password, you need to replace the decoding circuit.

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