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What Are The Precautions For Using The Buick Remote Control Smart Key?

Nov. 19, 2018

As a key component of the keyless entry system, the smart key entry is more important and practical, especially in some specific scenes. For example, when you are holding a bunch of things and your hands are occupied, you have to work hard to find the keys; in the cold winter weather, the heavy snow in the night freezes the keyhole of the open-air park, etc. In addition, equipped with a smart key The anti-theft coefficient of the model is higher. Through the circuit, the oil circuit, and the three-point lock is activated to realize the anti-theft of the whole vehicle. Buick Remote Control Smart key is already an inaccessible part of the car life. Do you know anything about this thing that we use almost every day?

Smart entry (keyless entry) and boot system referred to as PEPS, the smart key is part of the PEPS system. The working principle is that the cash-based radio frequency identification technology automatically switches the door lock through the chip of the smart key carried by the owner, that is, when the driver approaches the vehicle for a certain distance, the door lock automatically opens and unlocks the anti-theft; When the driver leaves the vehicle, the door lock automatically locks and enters the anti-theft state.

Let's talk to you below. Where do you need to pay attention when using the smart key?

1. Do not put the smart key together with the mobile computer. Many car owners are used to putting smart keys together with mobile phones and laptops (portable radios). In fact, this is not advisable. The frequency of computers and mobile phones can interfere with the failure of smart keys in extreme cases. In addition, due to the long-term smart key Receiving high-intensity radio waves can cause excessive power consumption.

2. When it is close to TV towers, power stations, gas stations, radio stations, large displays, airports or other facilities that generate strong radio waves or electronic noise, in the extreme case it will interfere with the smart key and cause malfunction.

3. Try not to use metal key sets. Some car owners like to use the key cover to decorate. It is recommended not to use metal material, which will shield the signal of the smart key to a certain extent.

4. The smart key is afraid of falling into the water. Because the smart key has a compact internal design and a weak impact, the high-altitude fall will cause damage; in addition, the smart key is basically not waterproofed, and it is easy to burn out the internal circuit if it enters the water, causing malfunction. Remember to dry, the shell should be quickly opened and blown dry with a hair dryer, and sent to the 4S shop for inspection.

5. The smart key is afraid of high temperature and is afraid of direct shooting. Some users are used to putting small things on the dashboard. Please don't put the smart key on it. As a chip, plastic and metal products, the environment will accelerate the aging of the smart key in a high temperature environment.

6. Do not put the spare key in the car and protect the spare key. Buying a new car is usually standard with two keys. If the two keys are lost at the same time, it will be quite troublesome. The smart key is designed with the whole vehicle anti-theft technology. For the safety of the user's vehicle, the manufacturer's preparation of the smart key will be relatively complicated, and the procedures and procedures will be complicated. Relatively cumbersome. For the user, reconfiguring the smart key is not only expensive but also costly, so be sure to protect the spare key.

In the course of the automotive industry for a hundred years, the revolution of car keys is changing with each passing day. From mechanics to folding to smart keys (keyless entry), the entry mode of cars has become more intelligent and user-friendly under the development of technology, of course, as users. In terms of enjoying the convenience brought by this technology, we must maintain a good habit and protect this smart key that is convenient for travel. This issue is about the use of smart keys. I hope that I can have it for you. Helped. We are also New Sunshine Smart Remote Key Wholesaler, if you want to know more, you can follow our website.

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