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What Should I Do If The Car Remote Control Key Is Dead?

Nov. 17, 2018

With the continuous development of technology, remote control car keys and keyless activation are becoming more and more common. But if your BMW Remote Control Key suddenly loses power or is broken, do you know what to do?

The general remote control key is divided into a traditional folding key and an electronic chip type smart key.

1. If your key is such a folding key, open the mechanical key and insert it into the keyhole on the door to open the door.

Second, if your key is the electronic chip-type key, its mechanical part is hidden inside the main body of the key, we smash the insurance on the back of the key, and the mechanical key comes out.

In addition, how can the car be on fire for those cars that start without a key? Under normal circumstances, this type of one-button starter is equipped with a place called the sensing area, and a small key is drawn on the general sensing area. Everyone can find a place in their car to meet the needs of the time. I can't find a car owner's manual or call the 4S shop to ask.

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