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The Four Main Functions Of The BMW CAS3 3 Series Remote Key

Sep. 26, 2018

With the development of the automobile industry, more and more people are starting to have their own cars, bringing convenience to people's lives. The appearance of the car remote control makes the life of the car family more convenient, and it has become an essential tool for every car owner. The car switch can be remotely controlled by the car remote control. The following four main functions of the BMW CAS3 3 Series Remote Key are described below.

1. In addition to controlling the door's switches, the BMW CAS3 3 Series Remote Key can also control the windows and trunk switches. These two functions are also commonly used in everyday life. When the car wants to speed up the air circulation to ventilate or remove the odor, you can pick up the remote control and shake the window. In the same way, when the temperature is lowered, or if you want to reduce the noise caused by the driving stroke, you can also operate the remote control to swing the window. And after the car is turned off, you can also close the window by remote control to save the little carelessness.

2. The utility of the trunk is mostly to place luggage or some items with relatively large volume. After the car remote control is used, the items on the handles are not required to be put down, then the trunk is opened, and finally the things are lifted up, only You can save a lot of time and effort with a single push. When you take things out, you can enjoy the advanced sense of automation. Is it better to watch the trunk rise slowly than to lift it by hand?

3. BMW CAS3 3 Series Remote Key also provides a caring service to the owner, that is, the child safety lock can be controlled by remote control. It is a good help for families with children. If there is no child at the moment, Let this intimate function be hidden. The position of the child safety lock is on the back door of the car, so the use of the remote control provides great convenience to the owner. When the safety lock is turned on, the naughty and curious child can be prevented from accidentally opening the door and an accident occurs.

4. BMW CAS3 3 Series Remote Key also has a function to make the car make a sound. The sound is similar to the alarm sound. Everyone should have the experience of accidentally knocking the car. This is a way to protect the car and prevent the car from being The criminals are damaged or stolen. This kind of alarm sound is not only passive. The owner can also send out an alarm by remote control to warn people who are in the vicinity of the car. They can also find their own car in the huge parking lot. Don't worry about finding a car because they are lost. It is only in residential areas and places where there are many people such as roads. Do not use this function at will, which may cause adverse consequences such as disturbing people and affecting traffic.

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