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Two Cases Of Car Key Failure

Sep. 13, 2018

In many cases, technology not only brings new life experiences, but also promotes productivity. Technology brings convenience to people, such as BMW CAS3 3 Series Remote Key, which is usually used. Especially convenient.

When you find that the car key is out of order, it is not necessarily the reason why the key is dead, or there may be a source of interference nearby. Because the key uses electromagnetic waves to give an indication signal, if there is strong magnetic field interference around the parking position, it will also affect the use of the remote control key. Another thing to watch out for is that there is now a theft crime that interferes with the remote control key switch door. When you are ready to switch the door, the criminals will use the jammer on the side. When you press the button to close the door, the vehicle is disturbed by the jammer and cannot receive the command of the remote control key. The door is not closed.

Another common reason is that the vehicle's battery is dead. The method of judging is to first drive the car and turn on the headlights. If the light is getting weaker, it doesn't even light at all; when you press the horn, the sound gradually becomes smaller. That means the battery is dead, which is much more troublesome than the car key.

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