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What Should We Do If The Battery Of Car Smart Key Is Used Up?

Jan. 21, 2019

Nowadays, more and more technologies are introduced in the car. Although the smart key is more convenient, faster and even safer than the traditional key, the smart products need electricity supply. If the car's key has no electricity, how can the car be opened? Many car owners should have encountered such problems. Today,Ford Straight Key Manufacturer will discuss how smart keys should face without electricity.

If the smart key is running out of power, we can sense it in advance. For example, it can be controlled a few meters away from the key. Now it can only be operated in the vicinity, even if it has to be close to the car, then we should pay attention in advance. 

Change the battery, some cars display the car's key function on the display. If the 6 buttons Remote Control Metal Key is out of power, the car will give an alarm in advance, or there will be a flashing light on the key.

Don't worry if the car is out of power, because the smart key will be equipped with a traditional key, some will be folded on the car key, and some will be hidden inside the key, if not clear can be viewed through the car manual.

6 buttons Remote Control Metal Key