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The Functions Of The 3 Buttons Folding Keys Are Getting Stronger And Stronger

Mar. 06, 2019

Car keys are getting more and more powerful. Today we will use Citroen 3 Buttons Folding Keys as an example to talk about the new features of 3 buttons folding keys. See what you don't know.

1. Automatically unlock at close range

Now the key has added a lot of functions, for example, it is within a short distance, it can be unlocked automatically, and it can be unlocked within a certain range, even without pressing the key and pressing the function button. The function.

2. Automatic locking at a long distance

Automatic locking at a long distance means that when you exceed a certain range, the distance between the key and the car is getting farther and farther, then the car will be automatically locked. Even if we sometimes get off the bus, forgetting to lock it is not necessary. Worried that the car is not locked and unsafe, it will be stolen.

3. Automatic hot car

Another advantage is that the hot car can be automated, because we all know that driving in the winter, because the temperature in the outdoor car is very low for a long time, we can remotely remote control, let it carry out automatic hot car.

4. Remotely launch the vehicle

We can also carry out the vehicle launching by remote remote control. Everyone knows that the vehicle needs a key when it starts, and we need to start the car when we are in the car. If we have 3 Buttons Folding Keys, we can remotely control it. Start the car remotely.

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