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Three Special Features Of 3 Button Remote Smart Key

Oct. 15, 2018

3 Button Remote Smart Key special features:

1, automatically open the trunk

Split Remote Control Car Key has a button to open the trunk. If you just come out of the supermarket to shop out, you have to pack a small bag of things - have you tried it? In fact, press and hold the trunk unlock button (some cars are double-clicked) B), the trunk will automatically bounce off! Many German cars have this feature.

2, child safety lock

Automatic lock, lock door function on the driver's seat, for the active child, there are still unsafe factors: after the lock, even pull the door twice, or accidentally touch the specific switch on the door, the door is still Can be opened inside. If you are going out with a young child, it is best to use a child safety lock - it is mostly located on the back door of the car, and some need your mechanical key to lock it. This locks the door and can't be opened from the inside; while you are outside the car, you can open the door and take care of the child at any time.

3, the trunk escape switch

Although the probability of using it is very low, since it has this function, it is necessary to understand it: In the event of a car falling into the water, a fire, or a car accident, the door cannot be opened, and there is an escape route. It is usually located next to the lock cylinder in the trunk. Some cars will have an obvious handle, and some cars may be obscured. Look carefully to find out.

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3 Button Remote Smart Key